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    Greenwood County Emergency Management has asked the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce to communicate to all of our businesses regarding assistance needed from our recent weather events.
    If you sustained any damage to your personal residence, business or rental property due to the storm, please contact 864-942-8553.   When you call be prepared to give your name, the address where the damage occurred, the phone number where you can be reached and type of damage.  If you were forced to evacuate your residence and stay in a hotel, we will need that information as well. Damage may include, but not limited to fallen trees, roofs, water damage due to flooding, damage sustained from high winds, damaged sea walls, docks, etc.  
    After a major disaster, one of the first priorities is to help those affected recover from the destruction left behind. One of the initial steps on the road to recovery is a Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA).Over the next week, the damage assessment team will be performing their preliminary assessments. Again, please encourage any individuals or businesses to make contact with Greenwood County.  
    Greenwood County is beginning the early stages of damage assessment from the recent storm.  The data collected from a PDA will determine the next steps needed for recovery and the level of federal assistance the county may request to help those affected by the storm damage. PDAs are important and necessary to determine what if any, federal disaster assistance those affected by the storm may be eligible to receive.
    Greenwood County will have damage assessment teams going throughout the county to assess damage.  Please make sure that the individuals you speak to have the appropriate identification.  
    Again, it is essential to notify Greenwood County Emergency Management if you sustained any damage as a direct effect of the storm.  The number to call is 864-942-8553.  
    As information becomes available to us, the Greenwood Chamber will communicate the necessary resources to assist you and your business.
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Angelle LaBorde at 223-8431, ext. 226.
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